WCDH 2012 Kuala Lumpur

8th Design & Health World Congress 2012, Kuala Lumpur


The 8th Design & Health World Congress & Exhibition took place at the Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre from 27 June - 1 July, 2012. Click on the presentation titles to download PDF copies of all of the speaker's presentations.

For a slideshow of images taken during the congress, please click here. Click "download" in the top navigation bar of the slideshow if you want a local copy of an image.

Programme Day 1 (Wednesday 27 June, 2012)

Construction Industry Development Board Pre Congress Symposium: Sustainable Engineering and Operational Efficiency in Hospital Planning

Session 1: Macro Policy in Hospital Construction & Development

Policy and Framework on Health Services in Malaysia
Dr Othman Warijo, Ministry of Health (MoH), Malaysia

Accreditation of Healthcare Facilities in Malaysia
Dr Abdul Rahim Abdullah, Malaysian Society for Quality in Health (MSQH)

Session 2: Public Healthcare Facilities from Pre-Independence to Present Day

The Evolution of Public Healthcare Facilities Design in Malaysia
Datin Norwina Mohd Nawawi, International Islamic University, Malaysia (IIUM)

Flexibility in Adaption: Innovative Project with Standard Design Concept
Rahawiah Shafiei, Public Works Department, Malaysia

Session 3: Sustainable Development in Healthcare Facilities

Facilities & Assets Management in Healthcare Building
Prof Sr Dr Miswan and Abdul Hakim Mohammed, Malaysian Association of Facility Management (MAFM)

Healthcare Facility Management - Sustainable Operation and Performance
Ir Haris Fadzillah Hussin, consultant for Green PASS, CIDB, Malaysia

Programme Day 2 (Thursday 28 June, 2012)

Session 1 Salutogenic Design for Public Health

The Malaysian Health System: Challenges and Opportunities to Improve Health
Abd Rahim bin Mohamad (Malaysia)

The Academy's Vision for Health Promotion: Next Steps and Beyond
Alan Dilani (Sweden)

The Stakes are High: Why a Focus on Health and Wellness Must Succeed
Ray Pentecost (USA)

Session 2 Healthcare Design in Malaysia

Patient Experiences in Malaysian Public Hospital Buildings
Srazali Aripin (Malaysia)

The Rehabilitation Hospital - Supporting Independence and Empowerment
Tat-Hong Chiam (Malaysia)

Setting New Standards in Malaysian Healthcare Design: The Pedana University Graduate School of Medicine
Scott Latimer (USA)

Session 3 Partnering to Design Healthy Communities

Procuring Healthcare Infrastructure in South Africa: The Challenges and Opportunities of Public Private Partnership
Massoud Shaker, Senior Advisor to the Health Minister, South Africa

Protea Health: Health-promoting Lifestyle Centre in Africa
Innocent Okpanum, South Africa

Southeast Asia: Developing Healthy Communities in Remote Areas
Katie Wood (Australia)

Session 4 Integrated Care and the Future Hospital

Integrating Community Health and Social Care by Design in Belfast
Sunand Prasad (UK)

A Metaphor for Healing: The Vinmec International Hospital
Stephane Vermeulen (Belgium)

Engineering a High Performance Hospital of the Future
Ted Jacob (USA)

Programme Day 3 (Friday 29 June, 2012)

Session 5 Salutogenic Design Approaches to Mental Health

The Neural Basis for Salutogenic Approaches in Healthcare Design
Jan Golembiewski (Australia)

Child and Adolescent Mental Health Services: The Ferndene Model
Lianne Knotts (UK)

Architecture for Mental Health: From Theory to Practice
Evangelia Chrysikou (Greece)

Building Trust in Mental Health: The Role of the Built Environment
Mary Potter Forbes (Australia)

Session 6 Humane Environments for Health and Wellbeing

The Health Impacts of Daylighting in the Workplace
Ihab Elzeyadi (USA)

Nurse Perceptions of Therapeutic Environments
Tak Young Ran (South Korea)

Sustaining Normality for People Living with Dementia
J A Spiering and Y E van Amerongen-Heijer (Netherlands)

Session 7 Evaluating Healthcare Design in Australia

International Benchmarks in Healthcare Design in Emerging Economies
Bruce Crook and Natalie Pitt (Australia)

Economic Assemment of Healthcare Capital Investment
Elsie Choy (Australia)

The Role of Art and Heritage in Change Management
Kim Brady and Marily Cintra (Australia)

Developing Benchmarking Tools for Healthcare Facilities Evaluation
Ian Forbes (Australia)

Session 8 Ecological Design Approaches to Improving Health

Keynote: Intersections between Ecological Design and Human Health in Urban Environments
Ken Yeang (UK and Malaysia)

From Vision to Reality: The Khoo Teck Puat Hospital
Liak Teng Lit (Singapore)

Sustainable Hospital Design in Singapore
Lee Siew Eang and Jerry Ong (Singapore)

Programme Day 4 (Saturday 30 June, 2012)

Session 9 Medical Technology and Hospital Design

Decentralised Care Models: Learning from the American Experience
Debajyoti Pati and Pamela Redden (USA)

Collaborating in Design: The Al Maktoum Emergency Hospital in the UAE
Nadia Tobia (Canada)

Creating an Adaptive Healing Room for Neurology Patients
Elke Daemen (Netherlands)

New Design Paradigms influenced by Medical Technology
Devendra Bagga (Singapore)

Session 10 Community-based Healthcare in Emerging Economies

A Prototype Design for Community Healthcare in Developing Nations
Deborah Sheehan (USA)

Science and Art of Healing: Concepts in Traditional Medicine Hospital Design
Caroline Sim (Malaysia)

Redeployable Truama Centres in Post-Disaster Response
Stephen Verderber (USA)

Session 11 Building Performance, Evaluation and Investment in Health

Integrated Healthcare Communities: The Beijing International Medical Centre
Harold Nesland (USA)

Design Quality Standards and Building Performance in Canada
Tarek El Khatib (Canada)

Health Infrastructure Capital Investment: The Search for Innovation
Clifford Harvey (Canada)

Macmillan Cancer Centre: Post-occupancy Evaluation
Patricia Young (UK)