WCDH 2013 Brisbane

9th Design & Health World Congress 2013, Brisbane


The 9th Design & Health World Congress & Exhibition took place at the Brisbane Convention & Exhibition Centre, from 10-14th July, 2013. Click here to download a copy of the final programme and on the presentation titles below to download PDF copies of all of the speaker's presentations.

Click here for a slideshow of images taken during the congress. Click "download" in the top navigation bar of the slideshow if you require a copy of an image.

Programme Day 1 (Wednesday 10 July, 2013)

Pre-congress Symposium:

Future Health Lab: Designing Our Future Health System And Infrastructure

Ten Major Trends In Global Health Systems
Luke Baxby, Partner, Health Advisory, Deloitte, Australia (Australia)

The Intersection Between Human Health, Climate Change and Environmental Sustainability
Prof Tony Capon, Head of Discipline, Public Health and Occupational Therapy,
Faculty of Health, University of Canberra (Australia)

Preventing Chronic Diseases In The 21st Century: Are Our Health Systems, Organisations And Professionals ‘Fit For Purpose’?
Dr Sally Fawkes, Senior Lecturer in Health Promotion and Leadership,
Latrobe University (Australia)

Beautiful One Day: Old, Sick And Fat The Next: The Challenges of Chronic
Disease, Demographic Change and Health Inequities

Stephen Robertson (Australia)

Programme Day 2 (Thursday 11 July, 2013)

Session 1: Opening Remarks: Visions, Challenges and Strategies

Keynote Address: Queensland's Health Policy and My Vision
The Honourable Lawrence Springborg MP and Queensland Health Minister

Keynote Address: The Challenges of Health Sciences, Research & Innovation
Ian Frazer, Congress Patron and CEO and Director of Research,
Translational Research Institute

The Salutogenic Approach to Global Health Policy & Provision
Alan Dilani (Sweden)

A Perfect Storm: The Economic Challenge and The Salutogenic Response
Ray Pentecost (USA)

Session 2: Health Policy and Infrastructure in Australia

Health Policy and Infrastructure in Queensland
Glenn Rashleigh (Australia) Queensland Government, Queensland Health

Health Policy and Infrastructure in New South Wales
Sam Sangster (Australia) New South Wales Government, Health Infrastructure

Health Policy and Infrastructure in Victoria
Anna Burgess (Australia) Victoria Department of Health

Health Policy and Infrastructure in Western Australia
Angela Kelly (Australia) Western Australia, Department of Health

Health Policy and Infrastructure in Australian Capital Territory
Grant Carey-Ide (Australia) Australian Capital Territory Government, Health Directorate

Session 3: Children’s Health and Natural Environments

Designing the Next Generation Pediatric Hospital in Helsinki
Pekka Lahdenne (Finland)

The Salutogenic Design Framework for the Queensland Children’s Hospital
Corbett Lyon (Australia)

The Impact of Nature and Visual Stimuli on Stress
Debajyoti Pati (USA)

New Methods for Creating Healthy Environments

Eve Edelstein (USA)

Programme Day 3 (Friday 12 July, 2013)

Session 4: Innovation in Healthcare Design

Developing the Functional Brief for a Future Hospital
Elke Kropf (Australia)

The Hospital’s Contribution to a Healthy and Vibrant Community
Alice Liang (Canada)

The Primary Care Model of the Future
Gavin Adams, John Temple, Jeff Soutar (Australia)

Session 5: Design for Mental Health

The Study of the Dayroom in the Psychiatric Ward
Noemi Bitterman (Israel)

Design for People Living with Complex Conditions
Celeste Alvaro (Canada)

Salutogenic Design to Improve Indigenous Health
Jan Golembiewski (Australia)

Design for Mental Health: Global Perspective. Local Identity
Raechal Ferguson (UK) David Bagshaw (Australia)

Session 6: Culture Change, Technology and Performance in Healthcare Design

Enhancing Culture and Performance through Participatory Design
Gunther De Graeve, David Farlow (Australia)

Using Design and Architecture as a Communication Tool
Donna Wheatley (Australia)

Environmental Design for Better Community Health
Alastair Leighton (Australia)

The Impact of Procurement Models on Achieving Salutogenic Outcomes
Kelvin Steel (Australia)

Session 7: Advances in Global Hospital Infrastructure

North America’s Most Advanced Digital Hospital
Steven J Goe (Canada)

The Organic Design of a New Hospital in Zwolle
Frank Burger (Netherlands)

Case Studies of Successful Healthy Built Environments
Innocent Okpanum (South Africa)

Birthing Room Design in a Malaysian Public Hospital
Norwina Mohd Nawawi (Malaysia)

Programme Day 4 (Saturday 13 July, 2013)

Session 8: Sustainability and Healthy Urban Planning

Healthy Communities and Urban Planning
John Miller, Adam Davies (Australia)

Evaluating Health Impacts of Walkable Communities
Xuemei Zhu (USA)

Rethinking the Community Center as a Wellness Center
Nancy Wilson, Christophe Gauthier (Canada)

Session 9: Health Promoting Environments and Communities

Design Characteristics of a Healthy Work Environment
Mardelle McCuskey Shepley (USA)

The Effect on "Mood” of a Living Work Environment
Linda Jones, Chloe Hamman (New Zealand)

Design Quality in Healthcare: Health Promoting Environments

Judith Hemsworth (Australia)

Indoor Environmental Quality that Improves Health and Wellbeing
Alex Symes (Australia)

Session 10: Keynote Address And Designing for the Elderly

Keynote Address: Andrew Laming, Federal Member of Parliament
Coalition Spokesperson for Regional and Indigenous health
The Challenge of Social and Health Inequities in Indigenous Health

The Architect’s Perception of Designing Environments for Dementia
Ian Forbes (Australia)

Urban Planning: Ageing in Neighborhood
Phil Smith (Australia)

The Experiences of Six Women Living with Dementia
Margaret Muir (Australia)