WCDH 2011 Boston

7th Design & Health World Congress 2011, Boston USA


Program July 6, 2011

Pre congress session: International Facilities Management Association

A global forum on how the interaction of facilities management and design processes can impact on the quality and efficiency of operations, and improve health outcomes.

The Impact of Design on Operations & Maintenance
Chair: Phil Nedin, ARUP (UK)
David Hanitchak, (USA), Director of Planning & Construction, Partners Healthcare Real Estate
Steve Cockerham, (USA), Vice President, Planning, Design & Construction, BJC Health Care
Paula Quinn, (USA), Executive Director of Capital Planning & Design, Children’s Hospital Boston

Day 1 Program July 7, 2011

Introduction of 7th World Congress on Design and Health
Alan Dilani (Sweden), The Global Mission of the International Academy for Design & Health

Session 1: Salutogenic Design for Public Health

Chair: Lord Nigel Crisp (UK), House of Lords, Houses of Parliament
Julio Frenk (USA), From Health Centers to Healthy Spaces
Ray Pentecost (USA), Healthy Design: Setting the Course
Alan Dilani (Sweden), Salutogenic Design for Public Health, Promotion & Prevention

Session 2: Ecological Urbanisn, Health & Quality of Life

Chair: Ron Smith (USA), President of the AIA-Academy of Architecture for Health
Mohsen Mostafavi (USA), Ecological Urbanism: Approaches to Health Promotion
Roderick Lawrence (Switzerland), Residential Design for Health and Quality of Life
Katy Cooper (UK), Preventing Chronic Diseases by Design

Session 3: The Role of the Built Environment in Promoting Life Quality for the Elderly

Chair: Robin Guenther (USA)
John Zeisel (USA), Culture and Meaning as Treatment for Alzheimer’s: A Cost-Benefits Analysis
Mikael Paatela (Finland), The Challenge of Designing for Active Living in Later Life
Robert Davies, Edward Applebaum (Canada), Design for Long-Term Care in Canada
Upali Nanda (USA) Perception of Healthcare by Art and Design

Session 4: Research Based Design - An Evaluation Tool for Improving Healthcare

Chairs: Jacqueline Vischer (Canada) and Paul Barach (Australia)
Michael Roughan (USA) Health Improvement through Innovation
Lorissa MacAllister (USA) Design that Performs and Improves Productivity
Steven Steinberg, Don Kinser (USA) Healthcare Transformation
Ed Jakmuh (USA) Design for the Confluence of the Traditional and Technology

Day 2 Program July 8, 2011

Session 5: Global Health, Environmental Health & Affordable Healthcare

Chair: Chris Liddle (UK)
Lord Nigel Crisp, (UK), The Challenge of Global Health
Richard Jackson, (USA), Designing Healthy Communities
Clayton M Christensen, (USA) The Foundation of an Affordable Healthcare Solution

Session 6: Design for Improving the Healing Process

Chair: Joan Saba (USA)
Peter Dodd, Laura Bache, Kate Fairhall, Pat Young (UK) Patient Safety: The provision of Single and Multi Bed Rooms
Ed Matthews (UK) Designing to Prevent Medical Error
James Easter (USA) Patient Focused Healthcare and Planetree as a Care Model
Philip Mead (USA) The Presence of Light, Aesthetics and Well-being

Session 7: Bridging the Gap Between Researcher and Designer

Chair: John Zeisel (USA)
Jacqueline Vischer (Canada) What is "Evidence” and How Do We Know?
R Matthew, J L Millican, K. King (USA) Post Occupancy Evaluations and the Promotion of Healing
Mardelle Shepley, Angela Watson (USA) Healthcare Facility Evaluation by Design Practitioners
T Bledsoe, Sheila Bosch (USA) Pre- and Post Occupancy Evaluation: NICU, Joe DiMaggio Children Hospital, Florida

Session 8: Design for Improving Nursing Performance

Chair: Mike Nightingale (UK)
John McGuire, Gunther de Graeve (Australia) Highly Flexible and Adaptable Healthcare Facilities
Diana Anderson (USA) Design for Multidisciplinary Rounding Practices
Hui Cai, Craig Zimring (USA) The Impact of Nurse Station Design on Communication/Learning
Caroline Paradise/Richard Mazuch (UK) Innovative Patient Accommodation

Day 3 Program July 9, 2011

Session 9: Sustainable Design to Promote Health & Wellbeing

Chair: Phil Nedin (UK)
John D Spengler (USA) Harvard School of Public Health, Indoor Environmental Design Quality
Mark W Johnson (USA) Outdoor Urban Design to Facilitate Health and Fitness
Ihab Elzeyadi (USA) Lessons Learned in the Design of Sustainable Green Buildings
Shulin Shi, Leslie H C Chen (Hong Kong) Health Promoting Effects of Urban Open Spaces

Session 10: Design for Flexibility & Adaptability, and Emergency

Chair: Gunnar Öhlen (Sweden)
Tye Farrow (Canada) Building a Legacy; Three Hospital Organizations Transformed by Holistic Design Value
B Abdulaal, (Canada) Reducing Waiting Time in the Emergency Department by Design
Innocent Okpanum (South Africa) Designing the Emergency Department in a Soweto Hospital
Erik Mollo-Christensen, Jonathan Cohen (USA) Integrating Proton Therapy into Healing Environments

Session 11: Sustainability, Innovation and Evidence in Hospital Design

Chair: Michael Moxam (Canada)
Bhargav Goswani (USA) Nature and Positive Environmental Distractions
Susan Black (Canada) Signature Architecture in Healthcare: A Search for Significance
Blair Sadler, Derek Parker (USA) The Task of Leadership for Innovation
Joe Forster (UK) Expressed Emotion: Supportive Design for Mental Health

Session 12: Ministry of Health Panel Discussion

Chair: Lord Nigel Crisp (UK) and Prof Alan Dilani (Sweden)
Dr Massoud Shaker, Senior advisor to Health Minister (South Africa)
Dr Rang Shawis, Senior advisor to Health Minister (Iraq)
Mrs Datuk Rosnah binti Haji Abd Rashid Shirlin, Deputy Health Minister of Malaysia
Dr Abdul Rahim Mohamad, Director Planning & Development Division, Ministry of Health (Malaysia)
Dr Aki Linden, CEO, Helsinki and Uusimaa Hospital District (Finland)
Mr Cliff Harvey, Project Management, Ministry of Health and Long Term Care (Canada)