Each hospital is a unique ultra-functional entity, where acute care and architecture meet to promote health and wellbeing. With over 60 years of experience and a proven track record as hospital designer, VK Architects & Engineers combines all A&E disciplines (master planning, programming, architecture, structural engineering, building services, interior architecture, landscaping) with the knowhow, experience and approach of each hospital board of management.
Our integrated design results in an attractive, safe and efficient building. Some stakeholders though seem to ignore the role that architects and engineers play in optimizing their hospital plan. A role that starts at the very first conceptual phase, where care trajectories, walking distances and cost per consult are discussed. A role that suits VK Architects & Engineers very well, as we live and breathe healthcare since 1952. Let’s turn things around and start looking for the profits in exploitation a hospital can achieve during its life cycle, instead of overrating the importance of the construction cost! VK’s experts stand by you to simulate Life Cycle analysis and assess all scenarios for your hospital. Creating better healthcare infrastructure, that’s a challenge we are ready to take!


Serge Cappon
Marketing manager
VK Architects & Engineers
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