Symposium 2014 China

Design & Health China 2014 International Symposium & Exhibition


Design & Health China 2014 International Symposium & Exhibition took place at the Marco Polo Parkside Hotel in Beijing, China, from 30 October - 1 November, 2014.

Click on the presentation titles below to download PDF copies of the speaker's presentations, or on the image to download a PDF of the final programme.

A slideshow of images from the event can be viewed and downloaded here.


Session 1: Vision for Healthy China 2020: Challenges and Opportunities

Health Infrastructure in China: Challenges and Opportunities
Prof Gelun, Beijing Architecture University Jiangong Architectural Design
and Research Institute

Art and Culture in the Healthcare Environment in China
Roberta Lipson, CEO, United Family Healthcare
Zheng Rong, associate director, Robarts Interiors & Architecture, China

Session 2: Salutogenic Global Health Perspectives, Theories & Application

Salutogenic Perspectives: Health Policy & Design
Prof Alan Dilani, International Academy for Design & Health, Sweden

Innovation in Global Health Infrastructure
Prof James Barlow, President, International Academy for Design & Health
and Chair in Technology and Innovation Management, Imperial College, London, UK

Session 3: Innovation in Global Healthcare Infrastructure

Innovation by Design: Three Healthcare Campuses - Shanghai, Dubai and Seoul
Kevin Kim, Principal, Gresham Smith & Partners

Affordable ‘Smart Hospitals’ for China and the Asia Pacific market
Stephane Vermuelen, VK Architects & Engineers, Belgium

Session 4: Design for Art, Culture & Science

Translational Health Sciences in China
Brian Kowalchuk, director of design, HDR, USA

Translational Design: Home, Workplace & Health
Neil Logan, BVN Donovan Hill, Australia

Session 5: Healthy City Design

Healthy Cities: Gardens by the Bay, Singapore
Frankie Lim Lip Chuan, Senior Vice President, CPG Consultants, Singapore

Enabling Wellness: Design for Physical, Emotional, Mental and Spiritual Comfort
Tarek El-Khatib, Zeidler Partnership Architects, Canada

Session 6: Research Based Design in China

Improving Design Quality Standards in Chinese Healthcare Design
Prof Gelun, Beijing Architecture University Jiangong Architectural Design and Research Institute, China

Creating An Innovative Health System in South Africa

Dr Innocent Okpanum, Ngonyama Okpanum Associates, South Africa

Session 7: Active Ageing and Hospital Design in China

Active Ageing: Independent Living in China
Qindong Liang, Vice President, Design + Planning | Economics, Mainland China, AECOM, China

Architecture for the Elderly: Eight Universal Design Principles
Guela Solow, Partner, ARK, Canada

Adaptability and Community in Healthcare
David Stavros, B+H Architects, China