Symposium 2012 Helsinki

Design & Health Europe 2012

The 2nd Design & Health Europe 2012 International Symposium & Exhibition took plave at the Biomedicum Helsinki Medical Campus, Helsinki University Hospital, from 20-21 September 2012. Click on the presentation titles to download PDF copies of all of the speaker's presentations.

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Programme Day 1

Session 1 Creating a Healthy Society in Finland: Challenges & Opportunities

The Healthcare System in Finland: How Far Have We Come?
Dr Marina Erhola, assistant director-general
The National Institute for Health and Welfare, Finland

Healthcare Infrastructrure in Finland: Renovation and Rejuvenation
Dr Aki Linden, CEO, Hospital District of Helsinki and Uusima, Finland

The Future Hospital in Finland: Our Changing Expectations
Prof Carola Gronhagen-Riska, chief physician,
Hospital District of Helsinki and Uusima, Finland

Session 2 Health Perspectives, Theories and Application

Salutogenic Perspectives on Health Policy, Planning and Design
Prof Alan Dilani, founder and chief executive officer,
International Academy for Design & Health, Sweden

Salutogenic Design as a Tool for Health Promotion
Dr Ray Pentecost, president, International Academy for Design & Health, USA

Session 3: Health in the City: Approaches to Urban Planning and Hospital Design

The Quality of Urban Design and Health Promotion
Mark Johnson, founding principal, Civitas, USA

Educational and Scientific Clinical Campus - Saint Petersburg, Russia
Stephane Vermeulen, director of healthcare, VK Architects & Engineers, Belgium

Session 4: Technology and Innovation in Hospital Design

Health Infrastructure in Israel: The E-Health Success Story
Dr Yossi Bahagon MD, Clalit Health Services, Israel

Facilitating Innovation in the Continuum of Care
Dr Gerald Potzsch MD PhD, Philips Healthcare Nordic, Sweden

Programme Day 2

Session 5: The Hospital of the Future: A Clinician's Perspective

Innovation in Hospital Design: The University Hospital St Olav, Trondheim, Norway
Inge Fottland, Norwegian University of Science and Technology, Norway

Planning a New Children's Hospital
Dr Jan Petaja, director, Department for Women and Children,
Helsinki University Hospital, Hospital District of Helsinki and Uusima, Finland

Session 6 Managing the Challenges of Hospital Design in Finland

Renewing and Refurbishing a University Hospital
Dr Heikki Korvenranta, clinical project lead, Turku University Hospital, Finland

Designing Specialised Care for the Future: Two University Hospitals
Mikael Paatela, managing director, Paatela & Co Architects, Finland

Session 7: Time to Invest: Healthcare Infrastructure in Australia

An Overview of Health Capital Projects in Queensland
Kate Copeland, program director, Queensland Health

Architecture & Wellbeing: Case Studies of Australian Healthcare Design
James Grose, principal and national director, BVN Architecture

Public Realm in Healthcare: An Integrated Approach to Landscape and Architecture
Jeff Menkens, principal, Hassell, Australia