Submission and Qualification Process

Africa International Design Competition 2011 Submission Process


Qualification for applicants

The applicant shall demonstrate relevant in-depth experience and adequate skill in infrastructure design in the healthcare arena. A proven track record of successful, innovative healthcare facility design and planning is required. The applicant should also:

  • indicate the qualifications and experience of at least two key staff to be responsible for the design proposal, including professional registration with relevant professional bodies
  • demonstrate that key staff members have at least five years’ post-graduate experience
  • provide evidence of relevant research done on previous similar projects
  • show knowledge of issues the client considers pertinent to the realisation of the HPLC
  • provide any other supporting documentation for any claims for preference/consideration

How to submit an entry

The Statement of Qualification (SOQ) submittal shall consist of the following, in order:

  1. a letter of introduction and contact details
  2. past performance information
  3. qualifications and experience submission and any other relevant supplementary information
  4. the approach paper/methodology

Please submit SOQs by email to, no later than 24 June 2011. Late or facsimiled submittals will not be considered. We offer an equal opportunity to all able and competent consulting entities. Involvement of African-based consulting companies is encouraged to ensure local identities. Applicants who do not have operational offices in Africa are encouraged to participate, and will be required to indicate in their approach paper how the implementation phase of this project can be achieved should their proposal emerge as the winner of this competition. Joint-venture partnerships at project implementation stage with consultants with operational offices in Africa are required.

2011 Submission Deadlines

Deadline for pre-proposal enquiries: 10 June, 2011
Deadline for submission of pre-qualification: 24 June, 2011
Call for design proposals for HPLC by chosen consultants: 10 July, 2011
Deadline for submission of design: 15 September, 2011
Final evaluation by client representative: 15 October, 2011
Announcement of competition winners: 26 October, 2011

Pre-submission enquiries, and announcement of winners
Submit enquiries, questions, or comments to Prof. Alan Dilani, director general of the International Academy for Design & Health, at All requests for information or clarification must be submitted by 10 June 2011. Responses to questions or comments will be emailed to the individual applicants. No hard copy reply will be issued. A number of consultants shall be approved to participate in this competition and a reasonable fee will be paid for those participants.

The winner will be announced by South Africa’s health minister at the International Symposium on Design and Health, taking place from 25-26 October 2011 at Cape Town International Convention Centre.

The 2011 Africa HPLC International Design Competition has been concluded. Further information on future competitions will be available soon.