Space Meets Status

Designing workplace performance


Space Meets Status
Designing workplace performance

by Jacqueline C. Vischer, Ph.D.

Employers everywhere are reducing occupied square footage by decreasing office size. Employees who see their workspace as "home", as a retreat, as their territory, and symbol of their position in the company, feel threatened by this change. This book examines the dilemmas created by these countervailing forces, affecting not only managers and workers, but also architects, designers, and facilities managers. The book offers a new way of looking at how people inhabit their workspace. It shows managers, designers, and workers in office buildings how to increase comfort efficiency.

Expert in the psychology of workspace, well-known lecturer, and author of several precious books, Jacqueline C. Vischer in an Environmental Psychologist with significant practical and research experience in the corporate world. Her method of measuring the human impact of environmental conditions in offices is widely cited and unsed world-wide.

Book details:
Paperback:168 pages;
Dimensions (in cm): 15x23
Publisher: Routledge, GB (2005)
ISBN: 0-415-70105-8
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