Senior / Elderly Care Design

Palliative Care Unite Design: Patient and family preferences.
Diana Anderson MD Architect (Canada) WHD April 2008

Health Supportive Design in Elderly Care Homes
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Evidence-based Design in Coordinated Health Treatment
John Zeisel (USA) WCDH2003

Nonpharmacological treatment for Alzheimer’s disease: A mind-brain approach
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Environmental Correlates to Behavioural Health Outcomes in Alzheimer’s Special Care Units
John Zeisel, Paul Raia (USA)

Health Outcomes Improvements from Alzheimer Care Design
John Zeisel (USA) WCDH2000

Health Promotion by Design in Elderly Care
Alan Dilani, A. Morelli (Sweden) WCDH2005

Designing For Dementia
Nadia Tobia (Canada) WCDH2000

Safety and Security Importance for Elderly Living in Sheltered Housing
Britt Maj Wikström (Sweden) WCDH2000

Colour perception in old age With implications in the caring environment
Helle wijk (Sweden) WCDH2003