Psychosocially supportive design

A Health Promoting Approach on Prison Environments

Visionen om Hälsofrämjande Anstaltsmiljöer
- som en ny värdegrund inom Kriminalvården

by Alan Dilani, Ph.D.

Karolinska Institutet, Department of Learning, Informatics, Management and Ethics (LIME)

Research Center Design and Health, NOVUM Science Park, Stockholm

This is the first part of research program on Healthy Prison Design, the final report will be published by March 2010. In this literature review, we have searched for scientific articles in various databases through the Karolinska Institute’s library and studied approximately 300 articles and other literature, with relevant connection to the physical environment, health and behavior. We selected articles that had relevance to our purpose of identifying factors in the physical environment that can promote health and well-being. In this article we have chosen to shed light on psychosocially supportive design in prison environments. In prisons, the physical environment has often been an important concern, due to security reasons and most prisons are designed from a security and functional standpoint. It is of course important to focus on security aspects, but in this article, we prefer to highlight factors in the prison environment that do not often get much attention. It is time to build prison environments that are psychosocially supportive and health promoting for both prison employees and inmates.

Paperback: 150 pages; in colour illustrations
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Language: Swedish with English summary
Publisher: Design and Health ( Stockholm, Sweden) 1st edition (March 2008)
ISBN: 978-91-7357-507-2

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