Alan Dilani

IADH Board Member & Founder (Sweden)


Dr Alan Dilani is a global authority on interdisciplinary research regarding the interaction between design and health. Alan Dilani is a founder of the International Academy for Design and Health (IADH) and the journal, World Health Design.

Dr Dilani has been engaged worldwide in several universities in the field of Design and Health developing a "Salutogenic Design Program", in both medical and design institutions. He holds a Masters of Architecture in Environmental Design from the Polytechnic of Turin, Italy and a Ph.D. in Health Facility Design from the Royal Institute of Technology, Stockholm. His research at the Karolinska Institute, Medical University, which developed a multidisciplinary research approach, led to a new design theory called “Saltugenic Design” that not only fosters functional efficiency, but also improves health processes.

Dr Dilani has organized 12 World Congresses on Design and Health, 16 International Symposiums in Europe, North America, Africa and the Asia Pacific regions, Australia, and has contributed internationally to the academic development in this field.

Dr Dilani has lectured at the Swedish Engineering Academy of Science (IVA) and the Swedish Council of Science (SVR) and US Academy of Science in Washington DC He has presented as a keynote speaker at several conferences and lectured worldwide in the major universities in USA, Europe, Australasia, Asia and Africa. He has been a speaker, examiner and supervisor for PhD students in several universities. He has designed all typologies of healthcare facilities and has been served as advisor for several Ministries of Health around the world developing briefing with a vision of salutogenic approach to health infrastructure. He is the author of 15 books and numerous articles in the field of design and health.

Dr Dilani has been awarded in 2010 from the American Institute of Architect, Academy of Architecture for Health for his promotion of high quality design research.

"I have passion and desire to have much more impact on people’s health by developing and designing healthy infrastructure worldwide.

"My responsibility on the board is to advise and support the new leadership of Academy to be successful in the their mission, with more impact on government policy, education and research, and implementation of knowledge by industries."

- Dr Alan Dilani (2017)

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