New World Health Design is Published!

Restructuring World Health Design to strengthen our vision


In 1998 the International Academy for Design and Health launched the world’s first journal focused on design and health, along with a website dedicated to the developmentof knowledge in this field. Since then the journal and the Academy have provided an arenafor the exchange of knowledge between researchers and practitioners to stimulate debate across our community from industry, government and academia. For the past seven years the journal has highlighted the latest projects and research and critically reviewed the state of knowledge within the field of design and health.

The Academy has now decided to restructure the content of the journal to provide a more wide-ranging presentation of successful case study project from industry combined with scientific review of interdisciplinary research projects. The future goal of the journal should be to increase its academic credibility and research content. We are also discussing broadening its scope to include more on innovation and change across the broad context for the built infrastructure, especially the evolving relationship between services, technology and infrastructure.

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