WCDH 2017 in Vienna

The International Academy for Design and Health (IADH) will be organizing the 12th Design & Health World Congress & Exhibition, 12-16 July 2017, in partnership with the Austrian government, and with the collaboration of world-renowned academic institutions and healthcare industries.

IADH 2017 final programvienna

European Healthcare Design - Revitalizing Health

The scientific programme for the 12th Design & Health World Congress & Exhibition in Vienna will explore the global application of salutogenic perspectives on European healthcare design

The main principles of the Austrian healthcare system are solidarity, affordability and universality. Austria’s healthcare system was ranked 9th by WHO, based on a social insurance model that guarantees all inhabitants equitable access to high quality health services regardless of their age, sex, origin, social status or income. The city of Vienna has been listed as first in the world in quality of living by the Mercer Quality of Living Survey. 

After our first congress in 1997 in Trondheim, Norway, we have developed the concept of a healthy society using principles of salutogenic design. Trondheim Hospital has been demonstrated to be one of the leading health facilities and received seven International Academy Awards, including being named the best salutogenic hospital in the world at 10th Design & Health World Congress in Toronto. Since 1997 many projects have been presented at our congresses, and researchers and policy makers from across the world have investigated and developed scientific evidence of salutogenic design. Collectively, this effort represents a powerful scientific platform for researchers, policymakers and practitioners to implement salutogenic design worldwide.
During the last two decades IADH network members have been inspired by what they have seen and what they have learned, and have incorporated a salutogenic approach in their work and their lives. Our congress is unique in that we celebrate these achievements and critically review the role of salutogenic design in global healthcare design. 

According to WHO, it is inevitable that the individual’s lifestyle has an immense impact on health. Accordingly, health promotion is “the process of enabling people to increase control over and to improve their health” and the environment as a strategic, cost effective and enduring tool for improving public health. 

Embracing the salutogenic perspective as a means of shaping our built environment to support healthy lifestyles is at the core of a preventative health strategy. Refocusing attention away from risk factors and the treatment of disease towards a more holistic understanding of the wellness factors that contribute to health lies at the heart of salutogenic design. By employing an interdisciplinary approach, architects, designers, landscape architects, engineers, public health scientists, psychologists and economists can help to achieve innovation and revitalizing European Healthcare Design. After two decades work of the IADH, we will continue to develop research, policy and practice of design and health and strengthen
this approach in order to reduce the prevalence of lifestyle diseases. 

The IADH wants to bring this understanding to the design and health professions in order to reduce the prevalence of lifestyle diseases and improve quality of life.
We are delighted to invite you to submit scientific abstracts and case studies project by 30 October 2016 for WCDH 2017, to be held in the historic city of Vienna from 12-16 July 2017.

Final Program and Call for Registration:

The WCDH 2017 provides an opportunity to engage with the world’s foremost interdisciplinary network of architects, designers, health planners, engineers, public health scientists, physicians, health administrators, psychologists, economists and other key decision-makers.

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