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International Masters Programme + International Research Projects


International Masters Programme

Delivered in partnership with leading universities worldwide, this unique internationally taught Masters Program addresses the impact of the built environment in human health, wellbeing and quality of life. The programme offers continued professional development to practitioners from a range of professional backgrounds, helping candidates to develop an interdisciplinary understanding of the fields of public health, psychology, health management, architecture, design, economics, and their interactions. Delivered from locations across the world, the two year programme includes four core units covering: 1) health, wellbeing and quality of life; 2) design for healthy environments; c) impact of design on health and economy; and 4) research methods in design and health; together with a final dissertation undertaking in a research project of the candidates choosing.

International Research Projects

The Academy supports, develops and collaborates on global, interdisciplinary research projects in the field of design and health, working with Ministries of Health, universities, health providers and private industry to progress and develop knowledge on issues relating to the development of psycho-socially supportive environments. Each project aims to bring new thinking to an issue concerned with the design of healthy environments in a range of settings within healthcare, education, correctional institutions, elderly care, the workplace, urban environments and the domestic home.