International Academy Awards + International Design Competitions / Peer Review


International Academy Awards

The Design & Health International Academy Awards is an annual programme recognising professional excellence in the research and practice of designing healthy built environments. Consisting of ten categories every year across the key areas of health promotion and healthcare delivery, the programme is recognised worldwide as the premier awards programme in the field of design and health. The judging panels consist of leading interdisciplinary experts from Europe, North America, Asia, Africa, Oceania and the Americas.

International Design Competitions / Peer Review

The Academy supports governments and Ministries of Health worldwide in the development and delivery of international design competitions and peer review for small and large health projects. Using its network of international experts, the Academy is well placed to work closely in collaboration with health clients to help establish the criteria/brief for health projects, with strong considerations given to health promotion, wellness, education, preventative care and early intervention – a salutogenic, rather than a curative approach; design and deliver the competitive process; evaluate the business case, and support peer review through to implementation.