Hospital Design

Holistic Healthcare Buildings
E.H. Zeidler (Canada) WCDH2003

Humanizing Healthcare: Fitness/Wellness Centers As the Community Locus for Health Promotion
Thomas Seymour (USA) WCDH2003

A Patient-Focused Hospital RIT2000 Project, Trondheim Hospital
Inge Fottland (Norway) WCDH2000

From Visions to Plans; Designing Hospitals from a Patient Perspective
Ragnhild Aslaksen (Norway) WCDH2003

The New Green Field Hospital in Ontario
Tye S. Farrow (Canada) WCDH2005

Health Facility Flexibility and Humanity: An Agenda for the 21st Century
Jim O. Jonassen (USA) WCDH2000

Psychosocially Supportive Design, Scandinavian Healthcare Design
Alan Dilani (Sweden) WCDH2000

Effects on Healthcare Environmental Design on Medical Outcomes
Roger Ulrich (USA) WCDH2000

Planning of the Pre-Concept Architectural Design
For the McGill University Health Centre, Montreal
Robert Hamilton (Canada) WCDH2003

A new teaching environment for healthcare providers
Martha L. Rothman & Elliot Paul Rothman (USA) WCDH2000

Planning the 21st Century Palliative hospital
Philip Monteleoni,(USA) WCDH2000

Elliot Paul Rothman(USA) WCDH2003

Healthcare Design as a Strategic Advantage in a Competitive Managed Care Environment
Blair L Sadler, (USA) WCDH2000

Moving towards a new vision for healthcare The McGill University health centre, Montreal
Donna Riley, (Canada) WCDH2000

The Hospital and the City
Eric C.Y. Fang, (USA) WCDH2000

The Urban Village as Healing Environment
Terry Montgomery (Canada) WCDH2003