Health Promotion Design

Psychosocially Supportive Design - As a Theory and Model to Promote Health
Alan Dilani (Sweden) WCDH2005

A New Paradigm of Design and Health
Alan Dilani (Sweden) WCDH2003

Design and health: A new paradigm

Romano Del Nord(Italy) WCDH2003

Quality of Life and Sense of Coherence
Ann Langius -Eklöf (Sweden) WCDH2003

Effects of Architectural Environment and sense of satisfaction
Reza Emdad (Sweden) WCDH2003

The Mind, Body and Spirit of the Healthcare Organization
Annette Ridenour (USA) WCDH2003

New Dimensions for Future Healthcare Facilities
Romano Del Nord (Italy) WCDH2005

Psychosocial work environment and wellbeing
Töres Theorell (Sweden) WCDH2000

Seven Principles for Life - Enhancing Design: The Architecture of Erik Asmussen
Gary J. Coates (USA) WCDH2000

Integrating Human Centered Design Principals in Progressive Health Facilities
Jeff Stouffer,(USA) WCDH2000

Design for enhanced recovery
John Wells-Thorpe (UK) WCDH2000