Design & Health IV- Future Trends in Healthcare Design


by Alan Dilani, Ph.D.

ISBN 91-7140-840-1

Order your copy of this book containing a unique selection of papers based on presentations during the 4th World Congress on Design & Health (WCDH2005), organized by the International Academy for Design and Health. All papers published in the book are of scientific importance and demonstrate the results of evidence based design. Many of the papers presented in this book are case studies which strongly support the link between design and health. Good design is an essential component of healthcare; it forms the context and environments by which healthcare activities affect healing processes. Furthermore, the design and quality of health care has great impact on staff health and wellbeing.
Topics presented in this book include research on hospital performance, healthy workplace design and patient perception of healthcare environments, design for elderly, the presentation of major new hospital designs of the world, the effects of art, music and garden on healthcare outcomes and finally, presentations of several PFI-Build projects in The United Kingdom along with the impact of Public-Private Partnership on healthcare design in the UK.

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