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The world faces a host of daunting challenges in sustaining a healthy human population. At Aditazz, we have taken on the specific challenge of improving the quality while reducing costs in the health care delivery infrastructure. These challenges at the intersection of healthcare and building construction have spiralled out of control. Handling these complex challenges behooves us to break away from tradition and incremental improvements and begin to adopt ideas that have the potential to bring about ‘quantum leap’ improvements. The biggest influence on better outcomes is during the early decision making process. Traditionally, most of these strategic decisions are made in isolation, without taking into account the true consequences on operational, financial or implementation challenges. The complex interdependency between the function (clinical and logistic workflows) and form (physical implementation) gets superficial analysis in the early planning stages and this is a cause for severe shortfalls during the life cycle of the physical asset. Aditazz has developed a brand new approach in response to the fast paced changes and complex interdependencies facing efficient health care delivery today. Using newly invented technologies – both software and hardware – and a methodology that was proven originally in other highly productive industries, Aditazz has made notable breakthroughs in bringing clarity and efficiency to creation and operation of healthcare systems. Aditazz is a Silicon Valley company based in Brisbane, CA, USA. Staffed by a world class multi-disciplinary team that includes computer scientists, physicians, nurses, architects, engineers, construction professionals, and operations experts, Aditazz has won the confidence of prominent
customers in healthcare worldwide.


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