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Mike Nightingale

For three and a half decades, Mike Nightingale has dedicated his career to elevating the design of healthcare buildings to new levels of excellence.

His 36 years of experience have seen him spearhead new design approaches, promote the importance of healthcare design and create guidance documents for the NHS. Following his qualification at the Oxford School of Architecture, Mike’s first job saw him working on Cirencester Community Hospital, for the Oxford Hospital Board, beginning a lifetime of work in healthcare design.

After joining Percy Thomas as project architect for Colchester DGH, Mike pioneered several new design approaches and went on to lead a 40 person team creating a health masterplan for Oman, leading to the designing of three new hospitals including the Royal Hospital.

In 1989 Mike founded Nightingale Associates to enable him to push the design of health buildings to ever greater heights. In 18 years the practice has grown from two people based in Oxford, to 300 staff working across 12 offices in the UK and South Africa on some of the biggest healthcare projects ever undertaken.

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