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One of our goals is to promote the practical application of research findings within the field to the benefit of society as a whole.

This requires collaboration with non-commercial organisations, including government and non-governmental organisations, public providers, not for profit bodies, professional associations, trade organisations across the range of its education, research, advocacy, media and events activities.

This work also requires close co-operation with private industry, including architectural and design firms, health planners, developers, engineers, surveyors and suppliers of products and medical technologies.

Many of these firms choose to partner with us as corporate members, playing a critical role in the work of the community, and providing input from their respective industries in terms of healthcare trends, as well as evaluation and feedback into research into the performance of their products and solutions within the designed environment.

Our corporate partners also provide financial support to the Academy to allow the community to continue its activities, receiving in return access to leading research from around the world, the latest developments in the field of design and health, exposure to the findings of research implementation, a chance to meet potential clients during our congress and other events, and a full range of advertising and sponsorship opportunities.

Click on the links below for more information on how to be come a corporate or associate partner.

Corporate Partners

Associate Partners

Our corporate members actively engage in the work of the community, benefiting from business, knowledge, R&D and marketing opportunities

Our associates include government and non-governmental organisations, public providers, professional & trade associations

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