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Research Papers and Articles

A comprehensive selection of the network’s published research papers and articles, many of which were presented at its world congress and other conference events are available free of charge in downloadable format.

All submitted articles for publication have been reviewed anonymously by the scientific committee of the Academy.

All publishing rights are reserved and copyright is protected by the International Academy for Design and Health. To acquire usage rights for publication, please contact Marc Sansom, marketing and communications director at T:+44 12 77 634176; F +44 (0) 1277 634041; or E:

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Health Promotion Design

Psychosocially Supportive Design - As a Theory and Model to Promote Health
Alan Dilani (Sweden) WCDH2005

A New Paradigm of Design and Health
Alan Dilani (Sweden) WCDH2003

Design and health: A new paradigm
Romano Del Nord(Italy) WCDH2003

Quality of Life and Sense of Coherence
Ann Langius -Eklöf (Sweden) WCDH2003

Effects of Architectural Environment and sense of satisfaction
Reza Emdad (Sweden) WCDH2003

The Mind, Body and Spirit of the Healthcare Organization
Annette Ridenour (USA) WCDH2003

New Dimensions for Future Healthcare Facilities
Romano Del Nord (Italy) WCDH2005

Psychosocial work environment and wellbeing
Töres Theorell (Sweden) WCDH2000

Seven Principles for Life - Enhancing Design: The Architecture of Erik Asmussen
Gary J. Coates (USA) WCDH2000

Integrating Human Centered Design Principals in Progressive Health Facilities
Jeff Stouffer,(USA) WCDH2000

Design for enhanced recovery
John Wells-Thorpe (UK) WCDH2000

Healthy Workplace Design

Workplace Design and Health Performance
Elisabeth Schell (Sweden) WCDH2005

Healthy Workplace Design for Healthcare Staff
Jeanette Paul (UK) WCDH2005

Hospital Design and PPP Impact in the UK

Delivering Healthy Environments via PFI
Kenneth Schwarz (UK) WCDH2005

Healthcare Design Development in UK
Susan Francis (UK) WCDH2005

Evaluation of PFI Built James Cook University Hospital
Geoffrey Purves (UK) WCDH2005

Creating an Innovative Healthcare Campus via (PFI) The Private Finance Initiative
New Norfolk & Norwich Hospital
Kenneth Schwarz,(UK) WCDH2000

Hospital and work place Design Performance Evaluation

Designing the work environment for worker health and productivity
Jacqueline C. Vischer (Canada) WCDH2003

Post Occupancy Evaluation POE, Design and Health
Wolfgang F.E. Preiser (USA) WCDH2003

Healthcare Procurements Methods
David Stark (UK) WCDH2005

The Effect of Hospital Building on Patient Recovery
Rotraut Walden (Germany) WCDH2005

Evaluation of the Ward in the Erasmus Medical Center
Liesbeth van Heel (Netherlands) WCDH2005

An Evaluation of the Healing Environment Children’s Convalescent Hospital, San Diego
Paul S. Kurtin (USA) WCDH2000

Development of a tool for evaluating proximity requirements in the programming and design of a new hospital
Marc Pineault (Canada) WCDH2003

Surveys on Hospital Design
Michael Moxam(Canada) WCDH2003

The Hospital Building Flexibility and High Tech Environment

Managing Change: the application of Open Building in the INO Bern Hospital
Stephen Kendall (USA) WCDH2005

Designing the Digital Reading Room
Bill Rostenberg (USA) WCDH2005

Medical Research and its Impact on Healthcare Design
Håkan Eriksson (Sweden) WCDH2000

High Touch, High Tech, High Flexibility Reducing Obsolescence in Patient Care Environments
Mohinder S. Datta, (USA) WCDH2000

Design and Care in hospital planning – Changing paradigm in new millennium
Praneet Kumar,(INDIA) WCDH2000

The Architect as Patient: Hospital Designers’ Perceptions of Healthcare Design
C. Robert Horsburgh (USA) WCDH2000

Improving Healing Performance through Aesthetic, Art and Culture

Aesthetics: a Source of Health
Synnøve Caspari (Norway) WCDH2005

Stress reduction by using Art in an Intensive Care Unit
Åke Forsgren (Sweden) WCDH2005

The Effect of Music on Inpatient Children
Susan B. Wesley (USA) WCDH2005

Future Trends in Hospital Design

Hospital Design for Emotional and Cultural Needs
E.H. Zeidler (Canada) WCDH2005

Step into the Patient Room of the Future
Terri Zborowsky (USA) WCDH2005

Workplace Re-Engineering in Hospital
Sarita Chand (Australia) WCDH2005

Guidelines and Design for Effectiveness of Hospitals

 Healthcare Facilities for Planning to Design
Francesca Giofrè (Italy) WCDH2005

Australian E-Guideline for Health Facilities Workshop Design
Jane Carthey (Australia) WCDH2005

Energy Saving Strategies for the New Design in Meyer Children Hospital in Florence
Marco Sala (Italy) WCDH2005

Enshrining Humanistic Design in the Project Plan
Ian M. Sinclair (Canada9 WCDH2003

Wellness Factors for Health Promotion

Daylight, View and Good Circulation in Hospital Design
Ed Jackmauh (USA) WCDH2005

Using Landscapes as Wellness Factor for Patient Therapy
Ian Forbes (Australia) WCDH2005

The Impact of Stair and Elevator Design on Daily Exercise
Philip G. Mead (USA) WCDH2005

The Master Plan of the Shanghai International Medical Zone
Susan Black (Canada) WCDH2005

Senior/ Elderly Care Design

Palliative Care Unite Design: Patient and family preferences.
Diana Anderson MD Architect (Canada) WHD April 2008 

Health Supportive Design in Elderly Care Homes
Sookyoung Lee, (Korea) Alan Dilani, Agneta Morelli (Sweden) Hearyung Byun (Korea)

Evidence-based Design in Coordinated Health Treatment
John Zeisel (USA) WCDH2003

Nonpharmacological treatment for Alzheimer’s disease: A mind-brain approach
John Zeisel, Paul Raia (USA) WCDH2005

Environmental Correlates to Behavioural Health Outcomes in Alzheimer’s Special Care Units
John Zeisel, Paul Raia (USA)

Health Outcomes Improvements from Alzheimer Care Design
John Zeisel (USA) WCDH2000

Health Promotion by Design in Elderly Care
Alan Dilani, A. Morelli (Sweden) WCDH2005

Designing For Dementia
Nadia Tobia (Canada) WCDH2000

Safety and Security Importance for Elderly Living in Sheltered Housing
Britt Maj Wikström (Sweden) WCDH2000

Colour perception in old age With implications in the caring environment
Helle wijk (Sweden) WCDH2003

Hospital Design

Holistic Healthcare Buildings
E.H. Zeidler (Canada) WCDH2003

Humanizing Healthcare: Fitness/Wellness Centers As the Community Locus for Health Promotion
Thomas Seymour (USA) WCDH2003

A Patient-Focused Hospital RIT2000 Project, Trondheim Hospital
Inge Fottland (Norway) WCDH2000

From Visions to Plans; Designing Hospitals from a Patient Perspective
Ragnhild Aslaksen (Norway) WCDH2003

The New Green Field Hospital in Ontario
Tye S. Farrow (Canada) WCDH2005

Health Facility Flexibility and Humanity: An Agenda for the 21st Century
Jim O. Jonassen (USA) WCDH2000

Psychosocially Supportive Design, Scandinavian Healthcare Design
Alan Dilani (Sweden) WCDH2000

Effects on Healthcare Environmental Design on Medical Outcomes
Roger Ulrich (USA) WCDH2000

Planning of the Pre-Concept Architectural Design
For the McGill University Health Centre, Montreal
Robert Hamilton (Canada) WCDH2003

A new teaching environment for healthcare providers
Martha L. Rothman & Elliot Paul Rothman (USA) WCDH2000

Planning the 21st Century Palliative hospital
Philip Monteleoni,(USA) WCDH2000

Elliot Paul Rothman(USA) WCDH2003

Healthcare Design as a Strategic Advantage in a Competitive Managed Care Environment
Blair L Sadler, (USA) WCDH2000

Moving towards a new vision for healthcare The McGill University health centre, Montreal
Donna Riley, (Canada) WCDH2000

The Hospital and the City
Eric C.Y. Fang, (USA) WCDH2000

The Urban Village as Healing Environment
Terry Montgomery (Canada) WCDH2003

Children Hospital Design

Researh on Healthcare Environments for Children & Their Families
Mardelle McCuskey Shepley (USA) WCDH2000

Analysis of Staff Behavior in a Neonatal Intensive Care Unit
Mardelle McCuskey Shepley (USA) WCDH2003

Participatory Planning and Design of a New Children’s Hospital
Aase Eriksen, Ph.D WCDH2000

Changing the care environment for children and families
Maggie Redshaw (UK) WCDH2003

Addressing infant, parent and caregiver stress in a neonatal intensive-care setting
Faye LeDoux, (USA) WCDH2000

Design for Critical Care: Impact of the ICU 2010 Report
Kirk Hamilton,(USA) WCDH2000

Creating Patient- Centred Environments for Cancer Care
Mary-Jean Eastman (USA) WCDH2003

Mary Jo Hind (Canada) WCDH2003

The Effect of Gardens on Health and Wellbeing

Gardens & Health
Clare Cooper Marcus (USA) WCDH2000

Increasing outdoor interactions
Phillip G. Mead (USA) WCDH2003

A Garden at your Workplace May Reduce Stress
Ulrika A. Stigsdotter (Sweden) WCDH2003

Transforming a Hospital with the Health Gardens Planning Concept
Susan Black (Canada) WCDH2003

The Effect of Music on Health and Wellbeing

Music & Health
Paul Robertson (UK) WCDH2000

Music and Health; How to use music in surgical care
Ulrica Nilsson (Sweden) WCDH2003

Consideration of Patients’ Auditory Needs in the Hospital Setting
Susan B. Wesley (USA), WCDH2000

Passive Interventions for Reducing Milieu Disruptions:
Susan Bray Wesley(USA), WCDH2003

The Effect of Culture, Art and Color on Health and Wellbeing

The Effects of Color and Light on Health: Trans –disciplinary Research Results
Eve A. Edelstein Ph.D. (USA) WHD April 2008

The arts in hospital and care as culture. The research programme of Stockholm County Council
Birgitta Rapp, (Sweden) WCDH2000

Art in Health care buildings: Is any art good art?
Marily Cintra,(Australia) WCDH2000

Art and health
Peter Senior, (UK) WCDH2000

The Exeter evaluation – A basis for hospital design and art in the millennium
Peter Scher, (UK) WCDH2000

Finding the connection between psychosocial factors and the immune system through art psychotherapy
Christina Virago (Australia) WCDH2003

Gestalt Art Therapy for people with Dementia
Margaret Muir (Australia) WCDH2003

Design for Patient Safety

We shape our buildings, then they kill us: Why healthcare buildings contribute to the error pandemic
Ken Dickerman, AIA Paul Barach MD Mph Ray Pentecost DrPH AIA, (USA) WHD April 2008

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