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The Academy is a prolific publisher of books based on the network’s research and papers delivered at its world congress and other conference events and seminars.

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Published in March 2008

A Health Promoting Approach on Prison

Visionen om Hälsofrämjande Anstaltsmiljöer
- som en ny värdegrund inom Kriminalvården

by Alan Dilani, Ph.D.

Karolinska Institutet, Department of Learning, Informatics, Management and Ethics (LIME)

Research Center Design and Health, NOVUM Science Park, Stockholm

This is the first part of research program on Healthy Prison Design, the final report will be published by March 2010. In this literature review, we have searched for scientific articles in various databases through the Karolinska Institute’s library and studied approximately 300 articles and other literature, with relevant connection to the physical environment, health and behavior. We selected articles that had relevance to our purpose of identifying factors in the physical environment that can promote health and well-being. In this article we have chosen to shed light on psychosocially supportive design in prison environments. In prisons, the physical environment has often been an important concern, due to security reasons and most prisons are designed from a security and functional standpoint. It is of course important to focus on security aspects, but in this article, we prefer to highlight factors in the prison environment that do not often get much attention. It is time to build prison environments that are psychosocially supportive and health promoting for both prison employees and inmates.

Paperback: 150 pages; in colour illustrations
Dimensions (in cm): 21x24

Language: Swedish with English summary
Publisher: Design and Health ( Stockholm, Sweden) 1st edition (March 2008)
ISBN: 978-91-7357-507-2

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Published in June 2007


Editor: David Stark

Published by Keppie Design, 2007 Glasgow - UK

Since 1995, the world’s largest healthcare provider, the UK National Health Service, has been carrying out its most extensive renewal of facilities at various levels of healthcare provision. This book summarises the various initiatives and issues involved in this era of UK healthcare design. The contributors are leading experts in their fields and bring their latest knowledge and experience to various aspects in different themes of healthcare design in the United Kingdom. The book contains over one hundred illustrations and pictures, mostly in color, and has a total of 104 pages.

This Book can be ordered from Keppie Design at a cost of £20 plus postage by contacting Emma Sykes


Published in Feb. 2007


Book review

Editor: Romano Del Nord
Format: 25,5 x 28,5 cm
Pages: 360
Images: about 400 color; about 250 b/n
Language: Italian with integral English translation
ISBN : 88-6116-013-1
Price: € 85,00

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Design & Health IV- Future Trends in Healthcare Design

by Alan Dilani, Ph.D.

ISBN 91-7140-840-1

Order your copy of this book containing a unique selection of papers based on presentations during the 4th World Congress on Design & Health (WCDH2005), organized by the International Academy for Design and Health. All papers published in the book are of scientific importance and demonstrate the results of evidence based design. Many of the papers presented in this book are case studies which strongly support the link between design and health. Good design is an essential component of healthcare; it forms the context and environments by which healthcare activities affect healing processes. Furthermore, the design and quality of health care has great impact on staff health and wellbeing.
Topics presented in this book include research on hospital performance, healthy workplace design and patient perception of healthcare environments, design for elderly, the presentation of major new hospital designs of the world, the effects of art, music and garden on healthcare outcomes and finally, presentations of several PFI-Build projects in The United Kingdom along with the impact of Public-Private Partnership on healthcare design in the UK.

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John Zeisel, Ph.D.

Inquiry by Design--2nd edition

Inquiry by Design: Environment/Behavior/Neuroscience in Architecture, Interiors, Landscape, and Planning
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Inquiry by Design systematically describes practical research methods applicable to programming & evaluating physical environments. Design and research case studies illustrate successful collaboration between designers & researchers demonstrating how this leads to greater design creativity. This edition updates methods, includes a dozen new design case studies, and describes exciting linkages between neuroscience and design.

Health Promotion by Design in Elderly Care

Hälsofrämjande Boende- och Arbetsmiljö

by Alan Dilani, Ph.D. and Agneta Morelli, B.Sc.

Research Center Design and Health, NOVUM Science Park, Stockholm

The objective of this study was to investigate the requirements of health promotion by design in elderly care. To create conditions through supportive design that promotes healthy living and working environments. The goal was to develop an understanding of the environmental impact on resident’s and staff health, and to optimize the preconditions of physically and psychosocially supportive design. Results point to a much needed development of new values in elderly care currently dominated by traditional medical treatment methods. Health requirements for the elderly will be improved by using non-pharmacological approaches as a compliment to traditional treatment methods. Knowledge of design solutions for healthy living and working environments may successfully be applied in planning, building and evaluation of future elderly care facilities.

Book details:
Paperback: 150 pages; in colour illustrations
Dimensions (in cm): 26x21
Language:English and Swedish
Publisher: Design and Health ( Stockholm, Sweden) 1st edition (August 2005)
ISBN: 91-7140-250-0

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Content of the Book

Space Meets Status 
Designing workplace performance

by Jacqueline C. Vischer, Ph.D.

Employers everywhere are reducing occupied square footage by decreasing office size. Employees who see their workspace as "home", as a retreat, as their territory, and symbol of their position in the company, feel threatened by this change. This book examines the dilemmas created by these countervailing forces, affecting not only managers and workers, but also architects, designers, and facilities managers. The book offers a new way of looking at how people inhabit their workspace. It shows managers, designers, and workers in office buildings how to increase comfort efficiency.

Expert in the psychology of workspace, well-known lecturer, and author of several precious books, Jacqueline C. Vischer in an Environmental Psychologist with significant practical and research experience in the corporate world. Her method of measuring the human impact of environmental conditions in offices is widely cited and unsed world-wide.

Book details:
Paperback:168 pages;
Dimensions (in cm): 15x23
Publisher: Routledge, GB (2005)
ISBN: 0-415-70105-8
Content of the Book

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DESIGN & HEALTH III - Health Promotion Through Environmental Design

by Alan Dilani, Ph.D.

Research Center Design and Health, NOVUM Science Park, Stockholm,

This book is the result of the 3rd World Congress on Design and Health, organized by the International Academy for Design and Health in Montreal, in June 2003. It presents the latest research findings and knowledge in the field of healthcare design. The book includes 29 articles from research scientists, designers and health professionals from all over the world. The book was published by the Academy in August 2004, containing 325 pages with all illustrations in color.

- Introduction to Design and Health
- The new McGill Hospital in Montreal
- Evaluation and Design of Work Environment
- The Parameters of Health and its Promotion
- Environmental Impacts on Stress
- Health Promotion through Environmental Design
- Environmental Quality Effects on Health
- Stress Reducing Environment, Impacts on Sick Children
- Environmental Evaluation Methods
- Environments for Cancer Treatment
- Hospital Design in Different Parts of The World
- Culture on Stress Reduction

Book details:
Paperback: 325 pages; in colour illustrations
Dimensions (in cm): 17 x 24
Publisher: Design and Health ( Stockholm, Sweden) 1st edition (August 2004)
ISBN: 91-7349-988-9

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Content of the Book

DESIGN & HEALTH II - The Therapeutic Benefits of Design

by Alan Dilani, Ph.D.

Karolinska Institutet, Stockholm,

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This book is the result of the 2nd International Congress on Design and Health , organized by Karolinska Institute in Stockholm , in June 2000. It presents the latest research findings and knowledge about new approaches in healthcare design. The book includes 35 articles (330 pages) from research scientists, designers and health professional from all over the world. It is a standard reference in many universities worldwide teaching Design and Health programs.

- Introduction to Design and Health by John Zeisel
- Design and Health, Condition and requirements, 10 articles
- Major New Hospital Projects, 4 projects descriptions
- Children's Care, 4 projects descriptions
- The Patients's Preception of Healthcare Design, 3 presentations
- Senior Care, 3 projects description
- Healthcare Design Theory and process 4 articles
- Case Studies by Healthcare Design Firms 3 projects presentations
- Art for Healthcare 4 articles

Book details:
Paperback: 327 pages
Dimensions (in cm): 17 x 24
Publisher: Design and Health ( Stockholm, Sweden) 1st edition 2001
ISBN: 91-7332-963-0

400 Sek - 40 Euro + airmail postage


Edited by Wolfgang F E Preiser, University of Cincinnati, Ohio, USA, Jacqueline C Vischer, University of Montreal, Canada

Book details:

Paperback: 256 pages; 100 illustrations
Dimensions (in cm): 17 x 24
Publisher: University of Cincinnati, Ohio, USA (Autumn 2004)
ISBN: 0750661747


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by Romano Del Nord (Editor)

Developed by a team of researchers of the TESIS interuniversity research centre (Faculty of Architecture of Florence) the aim of this book is to give operational support for designing facilities for Alzheimer patients.
The content of the book is enhanced by an analytical approach including case-studies of several Alzheimer units - both in Italy and in other countries.
The design guidelines - the operational tool developed - are structured in the form of data sheets; each sheet contains design criteria with an extensive explanation and a graphic exemplification of a design solution matching the criteria.
Written primarily for architects and designers, the book is also a useful tool for administrators of facilities for Alzheimer patients.

Book details:
Paperback: 227 pages; in colour illustrations
Dimensions (in cm): 19,5X27
Publisher: Alinea (Florence, Italy); 1st edition (January 2004)
ISBN: 88-8125-771-8

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Book index:
Chapter 1: The effects of Alzheimer's Disease, p. 13; Chapter 2: Alzheimer patients and the built environment, p. 25; Chapter 3: Fact-finding survey of buildings for Alzheimer's disease patients, p. 51; Chapter 4: Research insights, p. 129; Chapter 5: The system of needs and functional requirements, p. 135; Chapter 6: The layout, p. 153; Chapter 7: Design Guidelines, p. 167; Chapter 8: Test design research project for the Narnali Alzheimer Unit (Prato - Italy), p. 209; Bibliography, p. 225

DESIGN and CARE in Hospital Planning

Alan Dilani Ph.D. ISBN 91-7170-371-3,
275 Pages, Stockholm, Sweden
Karolinska Institutet, IPM, Institute for Psychosocial Factors and Health,
Design & Health

“Dr. Alan Dilani presents a most informative and useful analysis of hospital planning in Scandinavia, mainly Sweden, and sheds important light on the dynamic character of healthcare systems and their influences on architectural design. The book is unique in examining these influences in Scandinavian context, and helps to fill a gap in the literature available in English on hospital planning and design. The planning and design of healthcare buildings in Scandinavia warrants considerable international interest. Since the end of World War II, Scandinavia has deservedly gained a reputation for producing high quality healthcare buildings and, more generally, for establishing some of the world’s most advanced healthcare systems. The final part presents an in-depth case study of the planning process and architectural approach for a large and highly innovative hospital project, RIT 2000, the University hospital in Trondheim, Norway. This book is a valuable source of information, new research, and ideas for healthcare planners, architects, and administrators. I believe that it will prove useful and interesting for many of those working in healthcare in other countries.”

Roger S. Ulrich, Ph.D.
Center for Health Systems and Design
Texas A&M University
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