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Design Competition

International Competition for the
Design of the University of Kwazuku-Natal College of Health Sciences (Nelson R Mandela School of Medicine and Associated Health Sciences)
and the King Edward VIII Central Hospital

Prof Alan Dilani, International Academy for Design & Health with Dr Aaron Motsoaledi, Minister of Health South Africa, and Dr S M Dhlomo, Minister of Health, Kwazulu-Natal Province announcing the international competition in Durban, 6 September 2012

International Invitation for Prequalification

For the full prequalification documents and details of the project background, submission requirements and schedule, download the following two documents:

A. Strategic Briefing Document
B. International Invitation for Prequalification

Terms of Reference

The main objective the prequalification is to identify the Respondents who appear most able to provide a credible design and specifications for a health campus that will respond best to the needs of the project proposals.

The Project
The University and Department of Health share a common purpose: to improve the well-being of the citizens by providing quality health-care, and by investing in the future state of the art facilities, the training of excellent health professionals and build a state of the art health campus that will train health professionals and deliver central hospital services across the health continuum for the promotion of health, prevention of disease, diagnosis and treatment of disease and rehabilitation of patients.

An academic health campus that will compromise of two major precincts:
  • An academic hospital
  • An health sciences complex for the College of Health Sciences
The health campus will be designed on the following principles:
  • Efficient, logical patient flow with the entry and exit to specific facilities at the closest point and minimal mixing of patients en route to specific areas
  • Promotion of integrated inter-, multi- and trans-disciplinary care
  • Promotion of ambulatory on-going care and day-stay treatment in facilities with an identity distinct from that of the in-patient facilities
  • Improve and increase the teaching capacity of the current academic platform
  • The unification and consolidation of the health sciences campus.
Criteria for Prequalification
The prequalification panel will apply various criteria for the prequalification process in order to select the most qualified consulting teams for the competition, which reflect the ethos of Nelson Mandela and ensure that the vision of the National Department of Health to deliver a world class central hospital and a medical academic faculty ensuring world class healthcare for South Africans.

The design team will develop the design and specifications for the health campus which includes the hospital and the college of health sciences. The international competition aims to ensure design innovation and transfer of knowledge to and from local firms.

The applicant(s) shall demonstrate relevant in-depth experience and adequate skills in infrastructure design; more especially for projects of a similar nature. A proven track record of successful and innovative healthcare facility design and planning is required, partnering between local and international teams and clear plan for transfer of skills and knowledge between the local and international partners.

Responses will be reviewed, analysed and evaluated base on the following:
a. The consulting firm must indicate the qualifications and experience of at least three key staff responsible for the design proposal and their professional registration with relevant professional bodies. Seven years post-graduate experience is required. At least one team member must have a minimum qualification of Masters degree/PhD in healthcare design.
b. Demonstration of relevant research work undertaken on similar projects with in an international partner.
c. Demonstrate an understanding of the pertinent issues that need to be considered when providing a campus and hospital.
d. Other supporting documentation for claims on preference points and consideration in terms of the South African Public Finance Management Act, the Preferential Procurement Policy Framework Act and Broad based Black Economic Empowerment Act (

1. Evaluation Process and Weighting
Each Response will be scored in each category out of a predetermined maximum number of points. The relative numbers of points available in respect of the various categories will vary to reflect the relative importance of each category. The weighting attributed to each of the following categories of evaluation, for purposes of evaluating each response:

Technical skills and Qualifications 45
Experience 35
Demonstration of project comprehension and skills transfer plan 10
BBEE SANAS accredited BEE certificate for local partner 10

2. Past Performance
The assessment of the applicant’s past performance will be used to evaluate the capability of the firm to successfully develop relevant responses.

The client reserves the right to obtain information for use in the evaluation of past performance from any and all sources it deems necessary. It is expected that interested design consultants will demonstrate relevant previous experience in planning, design and implementation of healthcare infrastructure/projects of similar nature and size.

The applicant for prequalification shall demonstrate satisfactory performance as principal consultant responsible for the full cycle healthcare project implementation process from initiation to close out within the past five (5) years.

3. Submission
Information obtained above shall be evaluated by the prequalification panel. Participation of students in the design process is also required.
The statement of qualifications (SOQ) submittal shall consist of the following, in order:
a. A letter of introduction and contact details
b. Past performance information.
c. Qualifications and experience submission and any other relevant supplementary information.
d. Design approach and methodology.
e. Returnable schedules relating to South African procurement legislation.

The statement of qualifications (SOQ) must be submitted by email to the attention of:
Mr. S Khosa
Department of Health, Republic of South Africa

And to the attention of:
Prof. Alan Dilani
International Academy for Design and Health

The SOQ shall be submitted no later than 11.00am GMT on Wednesday 30th November 2012.
Late or facsimile (FAX) submittals will not be considered.

3.1 Pre-Submission Enquiries

The organizations directly responsible for all the aspects of this call for prequalification is the Department of Health, Republic of South Africa and the International Academy for Design and Health.

Submit inquiries, questions or comments should be sent by e-mail to the attention of:

Mr. S Khosa
Department of Health, Republic of South Africa

And to the attention of:

Prof. Alan Dilani
International Academy for Design and Health

All requests for information or clarification must be submitted by 31st October 2012.
Responses to questions or comments will be emailed to individual applicants. No hard copy reply will be issued.

A number of consultants shall be approved to participate in the International Design competition. The winner of the competition will be announced in collaboration with the Nelson Mandela Centre of Memory after the announcement by the Minister of Health on 15th June, 2013 after the final evaluation by the jury.

Involvement of South African based consulting companies is required to ensure local identity. This international Competition ensures a broad knowledge base and global perspective on this important assignment/undertaking.
Applicants who do not have operational offices in South Africa are encouraged to participate in the competition. Joint venture partnerships with consultants with operational offices in South Africa are required.

The organisations responsible for prequalification are the International Academy for Design and Health (IADH) and the Ministry of Health in South Africa (since the offer for competition has been championed by the IADH).

All submissions and questions must be sent to both Mr Khosa and Prof Dilani's email addresses as above.

4.0 Schedule for Prequalification and Call for Design Proposals

  • Deadline for pre-proposal enquiries 11.00 am GMT on 31st October
  • Deadline for submission for pre-qualification 11.00 am GMT on 30 November 2012
  • Call for design proposals for competition by chosen consultants 11.00 am GMT on 15 December 2012
  • Deadline for submission of proposal 11.00 am GMT on 15th of April 2013
  • Final evaluation by International Jury and announcement of winners 30 May 2013

This announcement is published for information purposes only and does not constitute a binding offer between International Academy for Design and Health, the Ministry of Health in South Africa and any third party, nor does it constitute a commitment or obligation.

The International Academy for Design and Health and the Ministry of Health in South Africa will not be responsible for any costs or expenses incurred by any interested party (or parties) in connection with any response to this invitation and/or the preparation or submission of an application(s) for pre-qualification.

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