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About Us

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The International Academy for Design & Health (IADH) is a global non-profit organisation with an interdisciplinary knowledge community dedicated to the stimulation and application of research concerning the interaction between design, health, science, culture and economics.

Founded by Dr Alan Dilani at the Karolinska Institute, Medical University in Stockholm in 1997 after the successful outcome of the 1st World Congress in Trondheim in Norway, the aim of the IADH is to provide a highly visible global forum for promoting an ongoing international exchange of research findings among scientists, designers, health professionals, industry and Ministries of Health worldwide.

Faced with the 21st century challenges of chronic disease, ageing populations and rising healthcare costs, global health systems are seeking new ways to address these growing threats to the development of a healthy and productive
global society.

Fundamental to the Academy’s work is the development of a theoretical understanding of the importance of salutogenic design, and its application in the design of physical environments that prevent disease and support and promote human health, wellbeing and quality of life.

As the leading global organisation developing and promoting the exchange of information, knowledge and research within the field of design & health, the Academy offers an inclusive environment for collaborating with its government, academic and professional partners around the world.


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International Academy Awards

International Design Competitions

/ Peer Review

The Design & Health International Academy Awards is an annual programme recognising professional excellence in the research and practice of designing healthy built environments. Consisting of ten categories every year across the key areas of health promotion and healthcare delivery, the programme is recognised worldwide as the premier awards programme in the field of design and health. The judging panels consist of leading interdisciplinary experts from Europe, North America, Asia, Africa, Oceania and the Americas.

The Academy supports governments and Ministries of Health worldwide in the development and delivery of international design competitions and peer review for small and large health projects. Using its network of international experts, the Academy is well placed to work closely in collaboration with health clients to help establish the criteria/brief for health projects, with strong considerations given to health promotion, wellness, education, preventative care and early intervention – a salutogenic, rather than a curative approach; design and deliver the competitive process; evaluate the business case, and support peer review through to implementation.








Education & Research

International Masters Programme

International Research Projects

Delivered in partnership with leading universities worldwide, this unique internationally taught Masters Program addresses the impact of the built environment in human health, wellbeing and quality of life. The programme offers continued professional development to practitioners from a range of professional backgrounds, helping candidates to develop an interdisciplinary understanding of the fields of public health, psychology, health management, architecture, design, economics, and their interactions. Delivered from locations across the world, the two year programme includes four core units covering: 1) health, wellbeing and quality of life; 2) design for healthy environments; c) impact of design on health and economy; and 4) research methods in design and health; together with a final dissertation undertaking in a research project of the candidates choosing.

The Academy supports, develops and collaborates on global, interdisciplinary research projects in the field of design and health, working with Ministries of Health, universities, health providers and private industry to progress and develop knowledge on issues relating to the development of psycho-socially supportive environments. Each project aims to bring new thinking to an issue concerned with the design of healthy environments in a range of settings within healthcare, education, correctional institutions, elderly care, the workplace, urban environments and the domestic home.



World Congress

International Symposium

The Design & Health World Congress& Exhibition is the centerpiece of the Academy’s activities. The five day event, which includes a three day conference, a Gala Awards dinner, and study visits to local healthcare and architectural sites of interest, is the leading global forum supporting a continuous dialogue between researchers and practitioners in the field. Delivered in partnership with leading professional bodies, academic institutions, health providers and industry sponsors, the congress engages the world’s foremost interdisciplinary network of architects, designers, psychologists, physicians, nurses, health planners and policy makers. The foundation of the event’s success is a rigorous ‘double blind’ selection process of research papers and case studies. After the success of its first event in 1997, the congress has travelled the world delivering its message and expanding its network.

The Academy’s international symposiums and workshops in Europe, Africa, Asia, Australasia and North America respond to local challenges concerned with the research and professional practice of design and health within a global context. By blending leading international speakers with local speakers, the symposiums allow participants to explore how global ideas can be adapted to solve local problems.




















World Health Design

Book Publishing

World Health Design is a subscription based international journal with an interdisciplinary readership that includes architects, designers, developers, health scientists, clinicians, health managers, psychologists, economists working within government, academia and business. The editorial content strives for a balanced mix of scientific articles and research papers combined with business and professional content including news, opinion, thought leader interviews, project reviews, book reviews, feature articles, events diary, letters, product information and advertising.

The International Academy for Design & Health is a prolific publisher of journals, books and research papers, dedicated to promoting the values, wisdom and knowledge of the academy’s network and community to business, governments and other public organisations.





We can provide architectural consultancy & design review to health clients and governments, or connect you to the leading experts in the field.

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