Vision and Strategy

New for 2017

To foster Salutogenic design to promote health and wellbeing by creating physical environments that support health promotion and thereby healthy societies.

The International Academy for Design & Health (IADH) is a global non-profit organisation with an interdisciplinary knowledge community dedicated to the stimulation and application of research concerning the interaction between design, health, science, culture and economics.

Founded by Dr Alan Dilani at the Karolinska Institute, Medical University in Stockholm in 1997 after the successful outcome of the 1st World Congress in Trondheim in Norway, the aim of the IADH is to provide a highly visible global forum for promoting an ongoing international exchange of research findings among scientists, designers, health professionals, industry and Ministries of Health worldwide.

Faced with the 21st century challenges of chronic disease, ageing populations and rising healthcare costs, global health systems are seeking new ways to address these growing threats to the development of a healthy and productive global society.

The Academy will achieve its vision through eight strategies:

Strategy 1: Broaden the adaption of salutogenic design, by growing the professional network outside the architectural core.

Strategy 2: Recognise the contextual differences between global regions, by establishing regional chapters.

Strategy 3: Create value for members, by enabling them to drive their own priorities.

Strategy 4: Maximise communication and knowledge sharing, through regional interaction and global exchange.

Strategy 5: Broaden the exchange of scientific and practice experience-based research. 

Strategy 6: Translate our vast body of research into practice.

Strategy 7: Raise the impact of our work through education, education, education and education.

Strategy 8: Align the governance to facilitate the evolution of the Academy's influence.